Monday, June 2, 2008

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

I did a sketchbook assignment on Grigori Rasputin "The Mad Monk" I actually did 5 sketches but I just can't bring myself to post the last one as it is pretty raw. All these sketches were done in India ink with a brush. The un-posted image is done in watercolor and crow quill pen.

It's funny how I feel about the image. As many know, I have no problem portraying nudity. I do it all the time, however I keep it light and fun. In the case of the Rasputin sketch. I ended up doing something darker and a bit seedy. I'll keep it to myself and some of my cohorts for the time being. It's funny because I'm not ashamed of what I have done. in fact the piece itself turned out quite well but I don't feel Kalamafraz and what it has developed into is the right place for such imagery.

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Justin said...

solid line art- i think i just might break out the india ink after seeing this, keep em coming