Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wedding Social February 2nd

I am getting Married to my Girlfriend Beth. So I took it upon myself, or should I say I was asked to do an illustration for the social ticket. Well my terms on creating the ticket artwork was that if I did it, I got to do whatever I wanted.

Anybody that knows me from College or before knows that nudity seems to enter into my artwork almost immediatly. The snooty man was the first to be drawn and then it was 'Naked Time!'. I drew the snooty woman to bookend the whole thing. Beth helped me with the composition and thank god she did. It looks way better than my original design.

Please click on the artwork for a larger view you could even drag the larger jpg onto you desktop and make a desktop image out of it. If you really wanted to. No Pressure.

I'm almost done my hellboy watercolour so I should be posting that pretty soon.

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