Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My sister is performing in a improvisational space opera "Space Quest"

Beth and I have offered to help out with a back drop. While drawing out ideas for a space bar I came up with these little characters that get juiced for their narcotic blood. I call them Glerks. The comedy in this is that they are just precious and cute, but then they get dropped into a horrendous blender that blends them for consumption. That may seem horrible. but the truly funny thing about it all is that Glerks are actually fiendesh canniballsitic predators that crave all forms of flesh. So if you don't eat them. They will eat you.

I'm sorry I have not posted more but I have been working on a project that will not be finished for some time and I do not want to post stuff for it until I am close to finishing.

I aml going to try and post a little more often.

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